Hi!  My name is Rohan Gupta and I am the president of the AVHS Peer Learning Program.  I hope you read and decide to apply to this new student-run program here at Amador Valley.  Students from all grades are welcome to apply.  Click here to find out where we meet: Locations.  At the end of this page there are links for signing up for our program.

I got the idea for this program as a seventh grader at Hart.  This program is based on the foundation that if you teach something that you know, you learn it in a different way every time you teach it, and also the foundation that everyone has something valuable that they can teach to others.  My motivation for making this program came from a student who came here from China three years ago.  He was struggling in class most of the time and was feeling confused.  I felt that he needed some help to learn about the system in our class, so I personally started helping him get adjusted to the school system and began helping him learn about new types of subjects that they didn’t teach in China, like history and English.  After helping him for about a month, I asked one of his teachers how he was progressing in the class, and she said that his grades were blossoming from Cs and Ds to As and Bs.  I also noticed that I was more knowledgeable in whatever subjects I taught him, and that is when I got the idea for this program and then started it at Hart.  Scientific studies show that teaching others a subject helps you learn and master that subject as well.  Everyone who was taught in the program had great improvement with their grades.  Many people returned for more help since they enjoyed learning through this program.  This drove me to bring the same program to AVHS, and I hope it will help any students who join to improve academically and to nurture an interest in academics.  This program is made for the students, by the students.

If you are interested in being involved in the program, fill out the form here and wait for an e-mail.

If you would like to become a peer helper, fill out the form here and wait for an e-mail.

If you would like to learn from your peers, fill out the form here and wait for an e-mail

If you have any questions, email avhspeerlearning@gmail.com or call 925-202-4359.

This page is also used to post successes and experiences that students have had with the program.

Students can also write blog posts that will appear on the home page as way to share their thoughts, perspectives, and knowledge to other students, therefore engaging in another form of peer learning.