Learn and Help

Every student who signs up for this program is both a peer helper and a peer learner because you always will have something to learn from other students else and you will always have something to teach to other students.  You will never be one or the other because you are always in the process of learning from your peers and helping them.

Peer Learners

Students who want to learn about a subject from other students are peer learners.  They will fill out a form to learn about a subject on a particular date and time from a peer helper.  Over time, peer learners will accumulate more knowledge from peer helpers.  The peer learners can then possibly become peer helpers or main peer helpers, teaching other peers subjects that they are well-versed in and enhancing their own knowledge as well.  The cycle of learning and enhancement of knowledge will continue.  If you want to learn from your peers, click this link: Learn from your peers.  Please sign up to learn at least two days in advance so we can coordinate the students optimally.

Peer Helpers

Peer helpers are students who help others do well in school and academics.  If you are one, then you will help your fellow peers achieve their academic goals, make new friends, and deepen your understanding of subjects that you are interested in.  You can be a peer helper regardless of your grade level.  If you are a peer helper, then you can still sign up as a peer learner for subjects that you would like to learn about still. The second kind is called the main peer helpers. Peer helpers are well-versed in one or more subjects. You could call them “student experts” if you’d like to. For example, if you are having trouble learning about a hard math concept, then you would go to a peer helper that has math listed as his area of expertise and ask for help.  If you are a peer helper, then you should be available at least 1-5 days a week after school or during lunch to help other students.  There are some qualifications to become one though. If you are deeply interested and dedicated to whatever subject you want to teach, then you will be a great fit as a peer helper. Click the link below to get the form to find out these requirements and fill it out to see if you are eligible, and wait for an e-mail 1-3 days after submission.  Peer Helper sign up link

Click this link to see the peer helper list: Peer Helper List