Our Goals

One of our main goals is to help students achieve their own personal goals.  With our peer helpers, we will help all the students learn whatever they have to in order to reach their goal at school.  Whether that be getting a good GPA, acing a test, or learning something new, the program will do its best to give the experience for each student.  By pairing up a peer helper and a peer learner with similar interests, the experience will be tailor-made to be mutually beneficial for both.

We have some other goals that we would like students to achieve through the program. One of them is for all students who join to get a 3.5 GPA or higher and make it to the honor roll or principal’s list.  Another goal we have is to get students to take more advanced classes and therefore increase their incentive to learn and do well.  We have a goal for the students to get better test scores on exams such as AP Tests and SATs through this program and to pursue more academic interests.

According to the Niche High School Rankings, Amador Valley is ranked as the 24th best public school in the state and 194th nationally.  While those statistics are good, they could be better.  Through this program, we hope to instill an academic interest in all students that can translate into higher AP participation and passing rates and increase proficiency in math, English, and other subjects.  Our goal is for Amador to rank in the top 150 in the nation and the top 10 in California.

If you have a personal goal, tell us here and we will help you get there.